Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things you might not know about Austin

Austin is a funny little guy. He does a lot of strange things and I thought I'd write some of them down. So here are some things you might not know about Austin.

1. He is two and a half and he is finally wearing 2T cloths.
2. Austin loves prunes. He asks me for one almost every day.
3. He likes to put the dishwasher finish tablet into the dishwasher.
4. He calls excavators Snort. He got that from the book "Are you my mother"
5. Austin loves to be outside.
6. He has added the word "needs" to his vocabulary. Some of his "needs" include....dirt....a good tacco....french fries...a new teddy bear...pizza...baths...buzzer...tools...pennies...chocolate milk...train books.
7. Austin can count to 10
8. He can use the potty
9. He likes to color but he is picky about his medium. He prefers paints and markers.
10. Austin loves to feel baby Bennett kick.
11. He likes to boss our cat Chloe around.
12. Austin is obsessed with trains, planes, vehicles, construction equipment, farm equipment, garbage trucks and tools.
13. Sometimes when I am singing he tells me to "turn it off"
14. He loves baths and showers.
15. He likes to help do the dishes which is just another way to play in water.

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Patty K said...

This is so funny, I can just picture Austin doing these things!