Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat

This is how Bennett spent most of his time during Trick or Treating and Trunk or Treating.I thought he would like being able to look around instead of facing me but he just looked at me the whole time anyway.

Austin had a blast at the Trunk or Treat at our church. It was raining so we had to have it inside. He also loved trick or treating. His favorite part was having people talk to him about his costume and having so many people ooing and awwing at him. He was a ham. He kept pretending to fly and saying blast off and making space ship sounds. He was adorable. He has been asking me to go trick or treating every day since Halloween. We went with our friends Gina and Tyson and Lucas. Austin loved walking around with his friend.


Melody said...

Andrew's been asking to go trick or treating too! Oh, silly kids!

Your kids are so cute!

Leamaster Family said...

Brielle, you look really good!