Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just a little update

I haven't posted for awhile. I have been trying to get everyone back to our normal schedule since I got my wisdom teeth out. Getting my wisdom teeth out wasn't a great experience. I had to wait two hours in the waiting room before I went in and then I woke up during the procedure. It was very frightening and painful. But it is over and I am healing. I am just a little sore on the one side now. I got them out 11 days ago.

Bennett and Austin are sharing a room now. If Bennett is crying in the middle of the night and I come in their room to take him out Austin will sit up in bed and tell me to put him back. He really likes having his brother in his room. Bennett still takes naps in my room sometimes but for the most part they sleep together in one room. Bennett has also been doing better about sleeping longer stretches since we started him on rice cereal. He loves it. I have a video of him eating it for the first time but I still need to upload it.

Austin continues to get into mischief. He usually has no problem going to bed but lately he really tries everything he can think of to stay up. He is always saying really funny things too. Yesterday when we were walking into the library we saw a circus peanut on the ground covered by ants. Austin asked me what it was so I told him and explained that we couldn't eat it because it had ants on it and it was on the ground. On the way out of the library Austin saw the circus peanut again and he said "Look mommy a penis circus." I laughed really hard. Austin also loves to talk to the maintenance men when they are working on the grounds or in our apartment. He always goes and gets his tools and tells them what to do. Sometimes he speaks to them in spanish. I can't even believe it. I don't even know if he is making any sense because I don't know what he is saying.

In these pictures Austin is helping Jeff change the tire on the Jeep. We ran over a big screw. Luckily we had a full size tire instead of a spare and the tire that got damaged was really worn out anyway. Jeff isn't actually in the picture because he was asking the maintenance guys if they had a block of wood we could use for the jack. The jack wouldn't lift the jeep high enough to get the tire off. I'm so glad Jeff knows Spanish because they were able to help us.

Bennett looking at Austin.

Austin talking to Bennett while eating cottage cheese.

Chloe has been getting a little more adventurous and curious about the balcony. She wanted to go out today so I let her. She likes to lean way out through the bars and it scares me.


Leamaster Family said...

That sucks you had to get your wisdom teeth out, I am glad you are finally feeling better. What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?

Leamaster Family said...

My parents are coming. We are super excited.