Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Waiting patiently for more cookies to decorate.

This is our elf, Austin named him "Elf". He goes to the north pole every night and tells Santa how Austin has behaved. When he comes back he hides in a new spot in the house. Our elf is not as mischievous because I don't need any extra messes to clean up.

I love making cookies. I was so excited to make cookies this year because Austin is old enough to be able to really participate. He helped me mix the dough and then he put sprinkles on all the cookies.


Jen said...

So fun!! Our elf's name is Billy and he is not that mischievous either! Decorating cookies is one of Maddie's favorites too!

Melody said...

I've heard about the Elf on the Shelf thing, and I want to do it too! It's kinda expensive to get it started though... I'm not sure I want to part with that much money right now. :)

Cute pictures of your boys!