Thursday, January 26, 2012

Home Depot Kids Workshop

The first Saturday of every month Home Depot has a Kids Workshop. It is for kids 5 and up but Austin can do the projects so they don't care that he is only three. He LOVES it! He loves to use the tools and build the project and then when he finishes they give him juice and a bag of chips. He usually wears his little home depot apron and for each project he completes they give him a different pin with a picture of the project. After the workshop we walk around the store. His favorite isle is still the PVC piping.

We accidentally forgot his project so we had to go back and try to get it back. His wasn't there but they did have a few extras that he was able to pick from. I don't think he knew the difference and he was really happy to have his "coin house" back. 

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