Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Playing Together

As Bennett gets older I am seeing him and Austin interact a lot more. I have mixed feelings about it. I love to see them playing together and I think they will have so much fun once Bennett is a little older but I also think it is sad to see my little baby grow up so fast.

I came out of the bathroom and heard them both laughing. I looked in Bennett's pack-n-play. At first Bennett was happy and excited to have him there but then I think he had second thoughts.

Austin was playing with Bennett's hair in this picture. He was also tapping him on the nose and saying "Boop". Bennett was quite amused.


Melody said...

Cute! Andrew and David play together a little bit now, but mostly Andrew just bowls David over and steals toys from him. Not so much fun for David.

Jen said...

so funny! Maddie did that all the time too. Now that Tara is in a toddler bed, I find her in Maddie's bed all the time! I kind of love it though!