Monday, February 4, 2013


They started using the 6lb balls but then moved up to an 8 and eventually the 10lb ball. I didn't know they could carry that much weight.

Bennett trying to lift the 14lb ball. He liked the orange one.

 Austin totally photo bombed this picture. I was trying to get one of just Gideon but Austin jumped in at the last second.

Austin and Bennett were invited to a bowling party a few weeks ago and they had a blast. I had purchased a bowling Groupon a few months ago and forgotten about it. I had intended to use it for a group date with some of our friends. Since the boys had to much fun I thought it would be nice to go as a family. Austin invited his friend Gideon. They are buddies. We had a wonderful time. Bennett's favorite part was watching the ball after he pushed it off the ramp. He would stand there and watch it until it hit the pins.

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