Monday, February 4, 2013

Great Granpda Kennington's Florida Visit

I'm sad I didn't get more pictures. We were just relaxing and having such a good time I didn't think about it. Grandpa and Aunt Wendy came to visit us for a week. It was such a nice visit. Every day was a nice day. We enjoyed spending a lot of time on the lanai. We ate chocolate almond covered ice cream bars from costco. We went out to dinner. We went to the beach. Grandpa went to work with Jeff in the morning and then we all had lunch together. We fished in the canal. We went for walks to the play ground every day. Aunt Wendy helped me sew feathers onto the costume I had to make for the performance project. We planted our garden with Grandpa's help. We helped a neighbor mulch. We bought paint for the outside of our house and we tested a few places to see if we liked the color. The boys loved having the extra attention. We were sad to see them leave. I hope we get to have another visit from them next year.

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Patty K said...

How fun. What a nice visit. Isn't Aunt Wendy the best to have around? I'm glad Grandpa finally got warm.