Thursday, February 14, 2013

Too Few Pictures

I feel like I don't take enough pictures. I have a nice camera but sometimes I just forget to get it out. I like to be down on the floor with my kids or working on a craft project with them instead of being behind a camera. As soon as I get it out they make weird faces instead of just enjoying what we are doing. I guess like all things, I just need to find balance. I want to capture the fun times we have and I love to have pictures of each stage of their life but when is it too much?

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Leah said...

I have heard that you have to go overboard with the camera for awhile till they get bored of the novelty of pictures being taken. Eventually, they get to ignore it since it is out all the time and do their thing, THEN, finally you get to capture those candid moments. I could see how this might impair your ability to be on the other side of the camera for awhile, though.